Ecospray was formed in 1996 by the late Hugh van Cutsem and Chris Knights. Both were passionate about the way farming the land needed to harmonise with the countryside and environment.

Working with internationally esteemed research scientists and academics and supported by substantial product development grants and private investment, Hugh,
Chris and their team spent several years developing a natural technology to kill nematodes, the microscopic worms that cause billions of pounds of damage to crops
and sports turf worldwide
every year.

Ecospray technology harnesses the power of 100% pure and natural allyl sulphide technology (derived from garlic) and kills nematodes on contact to significantly reduce crop losses and turf damage without leaving harmful residues, making it safe for the operator, crop and consumer.

Our inaugural product was a nematicide registered as NEMguard® which received EU approval in October 2010.

Using a variation of the same technology, Ecospray
developed ECOguard®, a garlic-based insecticide for cabbage root fly control – registered in Denmark in 2006 and Norway in 2008.

This was followed by the successful launch of Eagle Green Care® for use on sports turf in 2010 – the only nematicide in the UK and Ireland that is approved for use on sports fields and amenity
turf areas.

Our products now hold patents throughout Europe, USA,
China, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Hugh van Cutsem’s love of the countrywide and environment is carried on by his family who are amongst the major shareholders in the business.

Ecospray is  now focussing on extending the reach of our
core products through a growing network of international distribution partners.

Meanwhile, research is
ongoing into pioneering new agricultural, horticultural,
sport & amenity, home & garden and, potentially, medical applications for this unique technology.

Our Vision
“To use our protected, world class biological crop protection technology to transform our target markets, deploying our UK experience to build a profitable business in global markets, thus destroying the myth that natural pest control is inferior to conventional methods.”