ECOspray is committed to the advancement of ethical and sustainable food production through the scientific development of naturally based products and decision support systems

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Decision Support Systems - Insect trapping
Crop Protection products based on naturally occurring plant extracts
Disinfectants - Sanitises and Cleaners

 for trapping and  monitoring aphids,  carrot flies, thrips  and other pests

 A trapping system  based on lures for  attracting insect  pests such as,  cabbage root fly and  diamond back moth

 A trapping system  particularly selective  for the capture of  cabbage root fly.


 A trapping system
 for Silver Y and
 Turnip moth

 A 99.9% food grade  garlic concentrate. Liquid and granule formulations available.  See Independent trials

 A 45% food grade  granule formulation
 See Independent  Trials

 ECOspray markets a range of disinfectants, please contact us for you specific requirments.

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Airborne 10
 A unique deodoriser
 based on a
patented  technology
S.I.A.T (Surfactant Induced Absorption Technology)
Designed to reduce
 odours from a range of operations such as farm units, manure and slurry stores, mushroom units,  sewerage works and  land-fill sites