Harnessing the 100% safe and natural power of plant-derived Allylsulfide technology, Ecospray’s range comprises a powerful portfolio of non-synthetic products proven to eradicate crop-damaging nematodes and other pests. This ground-breaking technology is patented in both the UK and US.

  • Agriculture

    Building on the success of our inaugural agricultural nematicide, NEMguard®, our agricultural product portfolio has evolved with new products to tackle other crop-specific pest problems such as cabbage root fly, white rot and snow mould.

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  • Horticulture

    With all the benefits of our agricultural range – 100% natural formulation, safe to use, no residues, complete efficacy – our horticultural hero product, BERRYguard™ is specifically formulated for use on soft fruit.

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  • Sports & Amenity

    Used by many of the UK’s leading sporting venues, Eagle Green Care® is specially formulated to protect golf greens, soccer pitches, rugby grounds and all sports and amenity turf.

    Damage to sports and amenity turf grass by plant parasitic nematodes is a major problem, causing severe turf chlorosis (yellowing) and patchy growth.

    Reducing nematode levels can quickly and dramatically improve turf quality and performance.

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  • Home & Garden

    Now homeowners can enjoy the completely natural, safe and effective properties of Ecospray directly, thanks to the introduction of our latest consumer pest-management products.

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  • Global distribution

    Ecospray products are available through our growing family of specialist distributors worldwide.

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  • Join our network

    Interested in becoming an Ecospray distributor? Please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

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