Building on the success of our inaugural agricultural nematicide, NEMguard®, our agricultural product portfolio has evolved with new products to tackle other crop-specific pest problems such as cabbage root fly, white rot and snow mould.

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  • NEMguard® granules

    Powered by Ecospray’s unique technology, this patented formulation comprises 45% polysulfide granules for the reduction of free living and root knot nematodes in carrot, parsnip and tomato crops. In line with all our products, it is safe to crops treated, the operator and end user and is completely residue free.

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  • NEMguard® liquid

    A liquid formulation containing 100% polysulfide actives for the reduction of free living and root knot nematodes in tomato crops.

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  • ECOguard® granules

    A formulation of 45% polysulfide actives for the reduction of cabbage root fly. The polysulphides kill cabbage root fly and other Dipteran eggs and first instar larvae and should be applied around the base of the brassica plant where the females lay their eggs.

  • ECOguard® liquid

    With 100% polysulfide actives, this formulation is designed to be drenched on to brassica modules prior to planting to inhibit/deter female cabbage root flies and other Dipteran pests from laying their eggs. If eggs are already laid, the product will kill the eggs on contact.

  • Scouting & trapping systems

    We offer a range of systems to target specific pest types:

    ECOgrids – sticky pads for trapping and monitoring aphids, carrot flies, thrips and other pests.

    ECOspy – a trapping system based on lures for attracting insect pests such as cabbage root fly and diamond back moth.

    ECOfunnel – a trapping system for Silver Y and Turnip moth

    BrassicEye – specially developed for the capture of cabbage root fly