Now homeowners can enjoy the completely natural, safe and effective properties of Ecospray directly, thanks to the introduction of our latest consumer pest-management products.

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  • Growing Success

    Safe, natural and harmless to humans, animals and plants, this granule formulation of garlic extract has been proven effective in repelling and deterring cats from digging, scratching and fouling garden areas.

  • Scouting & trapping systems

    We offer a range of systems to target specific pest types:

    ECOgrids – sticky pads for trapping and monitoring aphids, carrot flies, thrips and other pests.

    ECOspy – a trapping system based on lures for attracting insect pests such as cabbage root fly and diamond back moth.

    ECOfunnel – a trapping system for Silver Y and Turnip moth

    BrassicEye – specially developed for the capture of cabbage root fly