With all the benefits of our agricultural range – 100% natural formulation, safe to use, no residues, complete efficacy – our horticultural hero product, BERRYguard™ is specifically formulated for use on soft fruit.

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  • BERRYguard®

    This residue-free liquid formulation harnesses the power of polysulfide chemistry, acting as a plant stimulant to deliver dual benefits – enhanced crop yields and insect repellence. Applied through trickle tape/drip irrigators, it acts as an effective antifeedent to sucking insects while remaining completely safe to crops treated, the operator and end user.

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  • Scouting & trapping systems

    We offer a range of systems to target specific pest types:

    ECOgrids – sticky pads for trapping and monitoring aphids, carrot flies, thrips and other pests.

    ECOspy – a trapping system based on lures for attracting insect pests such as cabbage root fly and diamond back moth.

    ECOfunnel – a trapping system for Silver Y and Turnip moth

    BrassicEye – specially developed for the capture of cabbage root fly