Ecospray has achieved Annex 1 listing through EU directive 91/414 and are therefore compliant for use across all EU member states.

Registrations beyond the EU require national efficacy trials to be completed. Ecospray is working with partners worldwide towards achieving regulatory approvals and have opportunities for other joint ventures.

NEMguard was recommended for full ‘on label’ approval as a nematicide by the Pesticide Safety Directorate (PSD) in the UK in November 2007.

It had taken Ecospray seven years to work the formulation through the COPR regulatory process as no alternative regulatory framework for natural products was in place during this period.

The full range of Ecospray’s garlic active ingredients was voted through the EU Commission for inclusion into Annex 1 of 91/414 in October of 2009. It has already received a registration for ECOguard®, a garlic-based insecticide registered for cabbage root fly control in Denmark in February 2006 (it received organic registration for the same product in September of the same year in Denmark). In early 2008 it received a registration for ECOguard® also for cabbage root fly control in Norway.

In the meantime the R & D team kept focusing on other areas and produced another product (2010) to use on sports turf Eagle Green Care®.




Our technology division is continuously looking to improve the products and gaining worldwide registration approvals with the help of our international science partners.

Using a variation of the same technology, Ecospray
developed ECOguard®, a garlic-based insecticide for cabbage root fly control – registered in Denmark in 2006 and Norway
in 2008.

This was followed by the successful launch of Eagle Green Care® for use on sports turf in 2010 – the only nematicide in the UK and Ireland that is approved for use on sports fields and amenity
turf areas.

Our products now hold patents throughout Europe, USA,
China, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

We are now focussing on extending the reach of our
core products through a growing network of international distribution partners.

Meanwhile, research is
ongoing into pioneering new agricultural, horticultural,
sport & amenity, home & garden and, potentially, medical applications for this unique technology.

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