Against the backdrop of a worldwide rejection of synthetic pesticide use, Ecospray’s unique technology is poised to provide a scientifically verified, safe, natural and effective alternative.

With UK and US patents and Annex 1 approval already granted, Ecospray’s team of eminent scientists, academics and environmental experts is continuing to work with governments and research agencies worldwide to support their quest to protect food crops and amenity turf in a way that presents no latent risk to users and consumers.

  • The Science

    For the last 5,000 years of human history, garlic (Allium sativum) has been both cherished and reviled, sought after for its healing powers and shunned for its pungent smell. From miracle drug to vampire repellent to offering to the gods, garlic has had an undeniably important place in many aspects of human history. Today, it enjoys a renewed surge in popularity as modern science continues to unearth new wonders of this ancient superfood.

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  • How does Ecospray’s technology work?

    When absorbed by nematodes, Ecospray’s powerful, yet completely biological polysulfide formulation causes a cascade of lethal biochemical transformations that result in death.

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  • Research

    Ecospray continues to focus on achieving additional international registration approvals for its products as well as developing new product applications and derivatives.

    Key to this ongoing research is the collaborative relationships we have built with international academics and scientists.

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